That was it.

Spotify’s decision to remove Neil Young‘s music instead of some podcaster left me no other possibility but to request for removal of my music as well.

The process of handling of my removal request took a few days longer than the ones made by Neil Young, Joni Mitchell or David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash, but as of now I can see it has taken it’s effect and my original music is not available on Spotify anymore.

My ambient music is still widely available on basically all other streaming platforms and it’s also available for purchase in my store (CD) or Bandcamp (lossless files with booklet PDFs).

I encourage you to think about a world without Spotify as a listener or artist and then make a good decision. New Yorker’s great article is worth reading.

Posted by:Aleksi

A guitar player who believes it doesn't always have to sound like a guitar.